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Friday, September 01, 2006

My very first blog

This is the first time I've ever written a blog, but it's pretty darn cool!
Unfortunately, I'm writing this blog with a broken heart. My name fits me good, I am the Unclaimed Treasure, 33 years old and single.

Jim has moved on and found a new job and a new girlfriend. I guess I still miss him. We are different people, and it wouldn't have worked out anyway, I suppose. He was not into me. But I will never stop thinking about him. I guess he's not really my 'love' per say because we didn't date. My problem was that I foolishly 'loved' him and got disappointed. They say when you love something, set them free, as the Sting song depicts. If it comes back, it is yours. If it does not it never was. (Thanks Rob!)

A heartache REALLY hurts, like you need an ECG! (Ah, the consequences of foolish 'love!')

I told Shane about my hurt. Shane is my angel pen pal and wellwisher. He always has the right things to say:
"Different people come into our lives for different reasons at different times. Whether they stay there forever, last a brief while or just pass through quickly, different people enter our lives for different reasons. While we may not always know what those reasons are, there is a definite reason. Whether it was to make you feel better about yourself for a while, or to provide you with a spark for life, or to put life into perspective for you, Jim obviously had some impact on your life. There are many other people that will enter your life and provide you with more and less of what he did. While you may be sad that he has exited your life, be excited about future meetings with others and the opportunities that have yet to present themselves, for you to gain true friendships with others. No one person should ever be so impacting in our lives that all our hopes and dreams rest on them. Not even a life partner.

You have a lot more to experience in life yet, Treasure. Life is so short, don't spend it lamenting the loss of someone from your life. Be thankful that he has his health and is moving on to face other challenges in life. Chances are that he did so with a smile, but will miss those he's left behind. Just as he's had an impact in your life, I have no doubt that you've left one on his as well. Be grateful for that. Live life, Treasure. There's no sorrow here. Just future happiness for you and good memories of a good time of your life..."

Bloggers, I don't want to settle. I want to have full faith in providence, faith and God. I know it sounds corny. But bottom line, this is where things evolve from. Just to surrender. I won't go to the bars or internet dating to find a man. Let it happen with Providence. The problem is it's so hard to wait!!!! Do you agree?

Jim, good luck with your new life and career, even though I miss you terribly, I will always wish you well.